Spirituality: Antidote to Stress

Dream catcher at farmPsychologists know that spirituality can be a key tool to mitigate stress. Healthy individuals often incorporate spirituality into their lives. What is spirituality? Spirituality can be may things, but it’s a practice that helps people to keep their overall life in perspective. It has a lot to do with how people make sense of the world, their life and their purpose on the planet. Spirituality for some is based in a religious belief; for others, it may have more to do with nature or being a part of a community or humanity. Sometimes it involves a belief in something greater than oneself, such as a higher being or the universe.

Spirituality helps people keep perspective on their problems in part because it puts life into perspective. The universe is huge, and no individual can control very much of it. People can’t control the weather or climate. Keeping this is mind helps people to let go to a certain extent. 

Spirituality can help people reduce stress in different ways:

  • It can provide a source of hope.

  • It can provide a sense of purpose. For example, following values can bring meaning to our lives. If we perceive our purpose as following certain values, then the results of what we accomplish financially, for example, may become less important to us.

  • It can help us connect to others. Seeing that we are part of a whole community of beings may help us realize that we are far from alone with our problems.

  • Connecting with a higher power (e.g., God) or nature can help us to release our stress and have faith in something greater than ourselves.

Growing your spirituality. Even if you haven’t practiced spirituality, you can grow spirituality in your life, and you will find it can make a positive difference. Not sure how? Contact us. 

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