Any one of us can get depressed at any moment. It happens. Sometimes depression is passing; other times it can linger for weeks or months and affect our sleep, eating, isolation and other aspects of our health. Of course, addressing the real life problems that may lead to feeling this way are important. However, it's also true that some individuals are able to feel okay even when their external situation is really bad, and others may feel depressed a lot even when their external situation isn't bad at all. The good news is that there is a lot people can learn to help themselves feel an inner calm and strength no matter what their situation. 

  • Change how you think

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    Research has shown that people can very effectively learn how to identify certain patterns of thinking that lead them to feel depressed, and learn how to successfully challenge that thinking. Our Farm First counselors can teach you how. Click on the button in the right side bar and ask us about it. 

  • Medication


    We're learning a lot about depression. Not all of it is situational. Some of us seem prone to it. It may be genetic or the impact of early life events over which we had no control. Regardless, medication is known to be an easy fix for a lot of people. They report feeling better almost all of the time. We can help you find someone to help you determine if this may be a good option for you. 

  • Change your behavior

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    Depression leads to certain behavior that can make us more depressed. You can learn how to take action against depression. For example, depression leads to isolation. Isolation leads to further depression. Learning how to ensure you make a plan to meet to meet another farmer for coffee, go for a walk with a friend or go to that co-op meeting can make a surprising difference in how you feel. Contact us and we can teach you more about behaviors that can positively change how you feel. 

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