Like any business, there are times when loans can be helpful for farming. A loan enables you to invest in your business on the assumption that that investment will pay dividends that will enable you to repay your loan and more down the road. However, many farmers have become endlessly burdened by debt as a result of taking out the wrong loans. Therefore, loans should never be taken lightly and it's a good idea to consult an expert if you're unsure. If you don't know such an expert, contact us and we can help you find one.

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    Vermont Agency of Agriculture

    Lists a number of grants and loans that are available to Vermont farmers.  

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    Vermont Agricultural Credit Corporation

    A nonprofit part of VT Economic Development Authority provides credit to Vermont farmers, agricultural facilities, forestry and forest product-based businesses.

  • Vermont New Farmer Project logo

    Vermont New Farmer Project

    Part of UVM Extension. Their website provides a list of loan resources available to new farmers.

  • USDA logo

    USDA Farm Loans

    The United States Department of Agriculture, Farm Service Agency of Vermont provides a list of loans available to Vermont farmers as well as contacts for USDA Vermont-based staff who can help.

  • Vermont Farm Fund Logo

    Vermont Farm Fund

    The Vermont Farm Fund is a program of The Center for an Agricultural Economy. In partnership with Pete's Greens, they provide no-hassle, friendly-term loans to Vermont farmers and food producers.

  • Yankee Farm Credit logo

    Yankee Farm Credit

    Part of the national Farm Credit System, they provide loans, leases and crop insurance. 

  • NOFA-VT logo


    Part of the national Farm Credit System, they provide loans, leases and crop insurance. 

  • Vermont Community Loan Fund logo

    Vermont Community Loan Fund

    The VCLF Food, Farms & Forests Fund was established to consolidate, grow and sustain the capital and supporting services for small farms, food producers, and the working landscape throughout Vermont.

  •  The Carrot Project logo

    The Carrot Project

    The Carrot Project works with farm and food businesses in New England and the Hudson Valley, supporting their successes by helping them build the financial management skills to help their businesses thrive.

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