Reducing farm stress

TEST Farm First helps take some of the stress out of farming. Our staff are here to help you both navigate the resources you need to solve farm issues and to provide you with confidential personal support so that you don't have to sort out these issues alone. We're Vermonters helping Vermonters. We're in this together. 

Explore the information on our website. Click "Contact a resource counselor" at the top right for assistance.

Farm First Resource person with farmer

About Us

We're a State sponsored non-profit program. Our services are free to all Vermont farmers and their family members. We're here to help. We welcome your call or email. Click on the "Get Our Help" page to contact us. 

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Latest News

COVID Guidance for Agriculture Workers and Employers

The CDC has issued guidance to help farm workers and employers negotiate some of the difficult challenges posed by Coivd-19

VT Agency of Agriculture Resources

Did you know that the Agency of Agriculture's Development Division sends out a weekly newsletter which often has funding options?   Agriview, the Agency’s more traditional publication is also emailed each month to subscribers.  Sign up to subscribe to these resources and stay informed about the ways the Agency can support your work.