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TEST Farm First helps take some of the stress out of farming. Our staff are here to help you both navigate the resources you need to solve farm issues and to provide you with confidential personal support so that you don't have to sort out these issues alone. We're Vermonters helping Vermonters. We're in this together. 

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We're a State sponsored non-profit program. Our services are free to all Vermont farmers and their family members. We're here to help. We welcome your call or email. Click on the "Get Our Help" page to contact us. 

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Vermont Develops Plan to Support the Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network

October 18, 2021 | Montpelier, VT - The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets (VAAFM), the Vermont Agency of Human Services (AHS) and the Farm First Program are proud to announce the award of an USDA Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network – State Departments of Agriculture grant.  The Agencies will collaborate with Farm First to provided expanded stress and mental health services to Vermont Farmers.  The program will build on programs of the USDA Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network, Northeast of which Farm First is a partner. 

 Vermont Agriculture Secretary Anson Tebbetts commented; “The health and wellness of our farmers is critical, and this grant will grow the state’s ability to connect with and assist this vital group of Vermonters.  It’s critical that we increase our outreach and assistance to farmers and those that interact with them to address stress and mental health issues for farm owners and employees.”

 "Farm First welcomes this opportunity to expand our work through our partnership with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets and the Vermont Agency of Human Services,” said Karen Crowley, Farm First Program Manager.  “We're excited to add to our capacity to provide needed supports to the agricultural community through innovative strategies such as Peer support services.”

VAAFM is hiring

New position created to support farmers' well-being and mental health.  More at the link below...

VT Agency of Agriculture Resources

Did you know that the Agency of Agriculture's Development Division sends out a weekly newsletter which often has funding options?   Agriview, the Agency’s more traditional publication is also emailed each month to subscribers.  Sign up to subscribe to these resources and stay informed about the ways the Agency can support your work. 

Are you dealing with the news from Danone/Horizon?

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets, University of Vermont Extension, and Vermont Farm and Forest Viability Program have put together this guide to provide assistance as you navigate next steps for your family and farm.

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